Glass On Central Vancouver Island

This investigative news piece was created for Comox Strathcona Waste Management so the public and local Waste Management Board could better understand the issues revolving around used glass products on Central Vancouver Island.


Occupation Human – Rwenzori Mountains Uganda

Western culture constantly tells us to place importance on glitz, glamour and overnight success. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that our simple actions can create a massive ripple effect around the world. We know that helping others to live with greater dignity is our gift to give. Occupation Human takes a […]


The Moment: A Safety Documentary (2007)

In this 2007 documentary, employees and contractors of Western Forest Products in British Columbia, Canada, share their perspectives on being in “the moment” at the workplace. Life is made of moments and hopefully watching this video will help you shape your own perspective on the importance of staying safe at all times on the job […]