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100 Years Of Care With Compassion

The summer of 2013 will mark 100 years since the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto established St. Joseph’s General Hospital on request by the Comox Logging Company to the Bishop of Toronto and Victoria. The Sisters open its doors to patients with a four-bed facility on August 10th of that year. In a century […]


The Essence Of St. Joseph’s Hospital

St Joseph’s General Hospital located in Comox B.C. is celebrating 100 years of service to the community.  It was in 1913 that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto came to Comox to establish a hospital in response to an invitation to serve. The Sisters remained active in the running of the hospital until 1989 […]


We Can by Jesse Ruben

Jesse Ruben is based in Brooklyn, New York. He visited École Puntledge Park Elementary in School District 71 and Zac Whyte of filmed his new music video for the hit song “We Can.” Read Zac’s blog about the day with Jesse and the kids. To learn more about Jesse Ruben check out his blog […]


Inclusion – The Youth Project

Every person, whatever their ability, has the right to live and participate as a full citizen in their community. For these young adults in the Comox Valley opportunities for inclusion are limitless. This video was produced for The Youth Project in the Comox Valley.


Together We Are Invincible – Highland Legacy Project 2012

This video was created by the graduating class of 2012. We hope that all future students at Highland Senior Secondary get the most out of their experience at school. This video is a handbook of messages and ideas that we think will help create a positive community. Now it’s up to you to mix these […]


Quarter Management –

Chris McAllister discusses why it is so important for a faller to be able to verbalize their quarter management plan. A faller also needs the ability to constantly assess, plan and execute safe falling practices throughout the day.


Unexpected Events –

Kevin Lyons Ph.D reveals his research about unexpected events that occur while falling timber and asks the question: “how do you manage unexpected events?”


Oyster River Enhancement Society – 2012

Bringing a river back to life is rewarding work. See what volunteer habitat managers are doing to promote healthy, sustainable life in the Oyster River area. I produced this video for the Oyster River Enhancement Society over 10 months in 2011-2012. Check out their site at and visit mine at Be sure to […]


What Will We Do With Our Solid Waste?

Now’s your time to learn more and give your feedback to help guide decisions about how our solid waste will be dealt with in Comox Valley and Strathcona Regional Districts. More information can be found at Feedback and comments are welcome until April 27, 2012. Thank you for your participation.


CV Waste Management Centre Improvements & Demolition

On January 5, 2012 I took my camera to check out the improvements at Comox Valley Waste Management Centre and meet up with my friend Jon Isfeld.