Video Production


Harvest The Valley

The Harvest The Valley food bank drive project was so much fun this year because it brought the community together for a great cause. In the last week of the drive four schools stepped forward and made positive change in their community: Queneesh Elementary, Aspen Park Elementary, Highland Secondary and Mark R. Isfeld. The schools […]


Disposable – The Billion Cup Blood Bath

Mother Nature is cleaning up her garden and now you’re the one who is DISPOSABLE. This film was created for the contest by Zac Whyte Special thanks to, Freakin Coffee Shop and Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School’s MITV for their help in creating this project. Say NO to disposable coffee cups! Each […]


Eagle View Acres – The Gateway To Your Ocean

Eagle View Acres is a pristine 20-acre property on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It is full of incredible sights and sounds of the forest, sea shore, nature and wildlife. Please contact for more information. This video is shot in Standard Definition. All videos are now shot in full High Definition […]


Love Your Rain Drop

Have you ever wondered how our fresh water gets to us? In the Comox Valley Regional District the process may seem simple but it is a costly process. Follow “Murph” as he is transformed into a rain drop and put through the streams, rivers, lakes and pipes of the Comox Valley water system. For more […]


Occupation Human – Rwenzori Mountains Uganda

Western culture constantly tells us to place importance on glitz, glamour and overnight success. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that our simple actions can create a massive ripple effect around the world. We know that helping others to live with greater dignity is our gift to give. Occupation Human takes a […]


Connecting With Kenya – Love, Dream, Be The Change

This is from a community building project I did in 2009. Over 1000 people participated in this video in support of making a difference in their global community. “I can do at least one thing and together we can change the world.” BE THE CHANGE.


The Moment: A Safety Documentary (2007)

In this 2007 documentary, employees and contractors of Western Forest Products in British Columbia, Canada, share their perspectives on being in “the moment” at the workplace. Life is made of moments and hopefully watching this video will help you shape your own perspective on the importance of staying safe at all times on the job […]