Safety & Industry


Certified Falling Supervisor Course

The BC Forest Safety Council is an industry driven safety body that provides a program to become a Certified Falling Supervisor. Find out more at


Hand Falling Second Growth –

Falling timber in second growth requires a high level of skill and adherence to the safety standard. Chris McAllister, EHS Advisor from Western Forest Products, explains why all stakeholders need to respect second growth as much as old growth when it comes to faller safety.


Quarter Management –

Chris McAllister discusses why it is so important for a faller to be able to verbalize their quarter management plan. A faller also needs the ability to constantly assess, plan and execute safe falling practices throughout the day.


Unexpected Events –

Kevin Lyons Ph.D reveals his research about unexpected events that occur while falling timber and asks the question: “how do you manage unexpected events?”


New Faller Training

The BC Forest Safety Council offers an intensive new faller training program to ensure all fallers are knowledgeable and practiced in safe work procedures and production methods. Find out more at


BC Faller Training Standard

The 23-page BC Faller Training Standard – Field Examination & Evaluation form is used to certify new fallers and/or qualify certified fallers in new forest types and conditions.


Dangerous Tree Blasting

BC Forest Safety Council is now offering a dangerous tree blasting course to certified fallers in British Columbia, Canada. For more information and registration visit


The Moment: A Safety Documentary (2007)

In this 2007 documentary, employees and contractors of Western Forest Products in British Columbia, Canada, share their perspectives on being in “the moment” at the workplace. Life is made of moments and hopefully watching this video will help you shape your own perspective on the importance of staying safe at all times on the job […]