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Crowd Funding Videos For The Long Dark

Hinterland Studios partnered with video producer Zac Whyte at ZACTV on their Kickstarter campaign for a new video game called The Long Dark. The crowd funding campaign was run over 30 days from Sep 16, 2013 – Oct 16, 2013. It generated over $260,000 from over 7000 backers on Kickstarter and a PayPal friendly micro-site […]


100 Years Of Care With Compassion

The summer of 2013 will mark 100 years since the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto established St. Joseph’s General Hospital on request by the Comox Logging Company to the Bishop of Toronto and Victoria. The Sisters open its doors to patients with a four-bed facility on August 10th of that year. In a century […]


Inclusion – The Youth Project

Every person, whatever their ability, has the right to live and participate as a full citizen in their community. For these young adults in the Comox Valley opportunities for inclusion are limitless. This video was produced for The Youth Project in the Comox Valley.


Oyster River Enhancement Society – 2012

Bringing a river back to life is rewarding work. See what volunteer habitat managers are doing to promote healthy, sustainable life in the Oyster River area. I produced this video for the Oyster River Enhancement Society over 10 months in 2011-2012. Check out their site at and visit mine at Be sure to […]


Disposable – The Billion Cup Blood Bath

Mother Nature is cleaning up her garden and now you’re the one who is DISPOSABLE. This film was created for the contest by Zac Whyte Special thanks to, Freakin Coffee Shop and Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School’s MITV for their help in creating this project. Say NO to disposable coffee cups! Each […]


Love Your Rain Drop

Have you ever wondered how our fresh water gets to us? In the Comox Valley Regional District the process may seem simple but it is a costly process. Follow “Murph” as he is transformed into a rain drop and put through the streams, rivers, lakes and pipes of the Comox Valley water system. For more […]


Connecting With Kenya – Love, Dream, Be The Change

This is from a community building project I did in 2009. Over 1000 people participated in this video in support of making a difference in their global community. “I can do at least one thing and together we can change the world.” BE THE CHANGE.