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What Will We Do With Our Solid Waste?

Now’s your time to learn more and give your feedback to help guide decisions about how our solid waste will be dealt with in Comox Valley and Strathcona Regional Districts. More information can be found at Feedback and comments are welcome until April 27, 2012. Thank you for your participation.


CV Waste Management Centre Improvements & Demolition

On January 5, 2012 I took my camera to check out the improvements at Comox Valley Waste Management Centre and meet up with my friend Jon Isfeld.


The Keep It Real Commute – Comox Valley Transit

There are many good reasons to ride the bus and commute on Comox Valley Transit. Learn the four biggest reasons from Zac Whyte and keep it real in the Comox Valley.


Seniors Can Ride A Transit Bus Too!

In the Comox Valley seniors feel safe, secure and independent using the transit bus system. Even if you use a walker or cane, getting on and off the bus is easier than ever. Join Zac Whyte and some Comox Valley seniors to take a tour of the bus, learn how to board, pay, transfer and […]


Bus Rider Appreciation Day

The regional bus transit system in the Comox Valley covers a large area. Ridership increased 17% in 2010 and so we hit the stops in all five corners with treats, monthly bus passes and swag to say thank you to people that ride the bus.


Zac Whyte Visits First Day Of School At NIC

Zac Whyte checked out the first day of school at North Island College (NIC) on Comox Valley Transit and asked people two questions: why is transit important and how do you use it. It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people venturing into the realm of higher learning. Check out for more information.


Harvest The Valley

The Harvest The Valley food bank drive project was so much fun this year because it brought the community together for a great cause. In the last week of the drive four schools stepped forward and made positive change in their community: Queneesh Elementary, Aspen Park Elementary, Highland Secondary and Mark R. Isfeld. The schools […]