Crowd Funding Videos For The Long Dark

Hinterland Studios partnered with video producer Zac Whyte at ZACTV on their Kickstarter campaign for a new video game called The Long Dark. The crowd funding campaign was run over 30 days from Sep 16, 2013 – Oct 16, 2013. It generated over $260,000 from over 7000 backers on Kickstarter and a PayPal friendly micro-site that was launched in the last two days. The communications plan during the campaign was dynamic and requests from the “backers” (people who give money) dictated the next video. Here is the series of videos in order of release that were produced by ZACTV in collaboration with Directors at Hinterland. The team is listed at the bottom of this post.

The Pitch

This project pitch video is a combination of The Vision and The Team videos below. Keeping a pitch video to a maximum of 5 minutes is critical for viewers. We included the following videos in the campaign so backers can option to watch more detailed video content.

The Vision

The Team

Video Update 1

Hanging Out With Mark Meer

Shot by Dave Chan – Hinterland Studios
Edited and Produced by – ZACTV

First Gameplay Footage

Home Stretch Quotes Reel

Survival Vignettes

These vignettes were created to show examples of gameplay and decisions you’ll need to make in the game. It was decided to combine all three of the vignettes for the update and release them individually for blog sites afterwards. I have not included those here.

The Hinterland Team

Raphael van Lierop – Founder & Creative Director
Alan Lawrance – Technical Director
Hokyo Lim – Art Director
David Chan – Audio Director
Marianne Krawczyk – Writer
Emily Claire Afan – PR and Community Manager
Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan – Composers