Together We Are Invincible – Highland Legacy Project 2012

This video was created by the graduating class of 2012. We hope that all future students at Highland Senior Secondary get the most out of their experience at school. This video is a handbook of messages and ideas that we think will help create a positive community. Now it’s up to you to mix these ideas with your own and lead the way each day you set foot on campus. Every person at Highland matters and when we help each other, when we stick together, we are invincible.

Thanks to all of the handwork from volunteers of the Highland 2012 Legacy Team that made this video happen and Zac Whyte from and Tash Baycroft from for their creativity and video production skills.

We’d also like to acknowledge Hedley and Universal Music Canada for producing such a rocking song that captures our sentiments exactly. Check it on iTunes; play it loud and play it often.